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Broken Hill, Cameron Corner, Strezlecki Track, Oodnadatta Track

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  • Broken Hill, Cameron Corner, Strezlecki Track, Oodnadatta Track

    Hi guys, Alicia and I are planning a bit of a trip for out 12 month anniversary. Given the addition of the new camper we were considering heading out to the Broken Hill area and spending a week or two.

    Just wanting feedback from people who have done the area. Would love to go to Cameron Corner then go over the Strezlecki track to the Oodnadatta Track and to Oodnadatta that way. Looking on Google maps the distances arent great but im not sure what the track quality is like and the time frames. 300-400km doesnt sound like much but according to google maps one section takes 18hrs and is only 385km.

    Just wanting feeback from people who have been out there so was can plan a reasonable amount of ground to cover in say a week and a half which will still give us time to see places and not require 12hrs of driving each day.

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    Towing the camper will slow you down on those dirt tracks........I was towing a trailer and nearly put lurch through a gate....... It was so nice to tow I forgot it was there......then when I came over a rise and saw the gate across the track.....I hit the brakes and lurch didn't want to stop..... He tried...but the trailer was pushing.....the ABS was working overtime on the dirt......just managed to pull up with about a metre to spare...... passengers didn't find it as funny as I did when I hit the brakes and we weren't stopping.......maybe when I said "we ain't gonna stop this side" might have had something to do with it......


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      sounds like its going to be a good trip. Post up plenty of pics for us