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40 Litre 12 volt portable camping fridge/freezer
The non stick coated Gasmate Single Grill Plate is ideal for Travelmate stoves and other small stoves.
80 Litre 12v portable camping dual zone fridge/freezer
TravelChef Vacuum Sealer Rolls are fully ribbed to allow tighter removing of air from the bags. The rolls are made specifically to fit the vacuum sealing width of 30cm wide which allows you to seal more food with less bag wastage.
The Jetboil Flash® steps up from the Zip with a push-button igniter, heat indicator, and increased volume.
Double butane gas burner/cooker hotplate. Turn your butane cooker into a bbq with this simple hotplate/grill plate.
4 piece camp cutlery fork, knife, dessert spoon and teaspoon set.
Showingof 98 item(s)