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The newly updated LED LENSER P14.2 features a 1.5-inch reflector-lens, the heart of our Advanced Focus System™, which sends an incredibly bright and focused light beam far into the distance.
Nothing compares to the Ledlenser P18R Signature torch with its 4500 lumens and constant illumination over a long period of time, the ability to quickly and efficiently go from a spot or flood all while maintaining the quality of light quickly.
The P7R Core flashlight's sleek design encases a powerful light and cutting-edge technology that provides incredibly bright views.
The P2R Core is our smallest, lightest P-series penlight that offers up to 110 lumens.
The Ledlenser Kidled4R headlamps will provide not only safety, but hours of adventure and fun for kids.
LED Lenser P6 Core, non-rechargeable torch.
The P6R Core flashlight is perfect for everyday use when you need a powerful light beam. It can take demands of everyday use as it is protected from dust and water.
The H7R Core is a versatile headlamp – powerful with up to 1000 lumens, durable and continuously dimmable.
Best quality for budget-conscious pocket and headlamp users – this is the concept behind the Solidline range designed and engineered by Ledlenser.
he highlight of the P-Series. With a battery life of up to 60 hours, the fully rechargeable P17R is a real stayer.
The P5 Core is a compact, powerful torch equipped with proven Ledlenser technologies such as the patented Advanced Focus System.
The Ledlenser MH5 delivers up to 400 lumens of bright, white light and is a great choice for outdoor activity.
Showingof 35 item(s)