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he highlight of the P-Series. With a battery life of up to 60 hours, the fully rechargeable P17R is a real stayer.
The Ledlenser Kidled4R headlamps will provide not only safety, but hours of adventure and fun for kids.
Nothing compares to the Ledlenser P18R Signature torch with its 4500 lumens and constant illumination over a long period of time, the ability to quickly and efficiently go from a spot or flood all while maintaining the quality of light quickly.
The P6R Core flashlight is perfect for everyday use when you need a powerful light beam. It can take demands of everyday use as it is protected from dust and water.
Designed by LED Lenser the Solidline range of torches and headlamps offer performance and value for money.
The newly updated LED LENSER P14.2 features a 1.5-inch reflector-lens, the heart of our Advanced Focus Systemâ„¢, which sends an incredibly bright and focused light beam far into the distance.
The Ledlenser MH7 with up to 600 lumens provides the maximum flexibility and freedom for all your outdoor adventures.
The Ledlenser MH3 Headlamp - Black & Grey is a great entry-level headlamp option for many outdoor activities.
The MH11 is the pinnacle headlamp of the MH series with up to 1000 lumens brightness.
The H5R Core is a compact, powerful headlamp that is a convenient and waterproof portable lighting solution.
The H5 Core is a compact, easy-to-use headlamp featuring a focusable light beam that has continuous dimmability.
The rechargeable Ledlenser H7R Signature with up to 1200 lumens can easily be controlled and personalised on your smartphone via Bluetooth with the Ledlenser Connect App.
Showingof 35 item(s)