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Saber Offroad Saber Offroad - 14mm Red Bridle with Red Sheath
Get that extra length you need with a 20 metre extension strap. Made with no stretch the VRS winch extension strap gives you the ability to reach these extra trees.
Super Heavy Duty 15t Outback Armour Snatch Strap.
Saber Offroad Saber Offroad - 15,000KG SaberPro® Utility Rope
Saber Offroad Saber Offroad - 10mm SaberPro Bridle with Sheath – Black
A tree trunk protector is a must have when performing winch recoveries from trees. Leave the bush as you found it.
10t rated heavy duty Outback Armour winch extension strap.
Saber Offroad Saber Offroad - 12mm Blue Bridle with Red Sheath
Protect the environment and protect your steel or synthetic rope with the VRS Tree Trunk Protector. At 5 metres long it can straddle even the biggest tree.
Heavy duty 11t 9m Outback Armour Snatch Strap.
Showingof 11 item(s)