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CampMaid – 4pc Camp Oven Tool Set

The CampMaid 4pc camp oven tool set takes the humble camp oven and turns it into multiple cooking devices in one.
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The CampMaid 4pc camp oven tool set takes the humble camp oven and turns it into multiple cooking devices in one.

The 4pc set is designed to fit neatly inside a 12in camp oven to save space in your vehicle when traveling. Whilst it will only pack inside a camp oven 12in in diameter or larger it is compatible for use with camp ovens from as small as 8in up to larger 16in camp ovens.

The 4pc set includes:

1. The multi-tool-

2. Charcoal Holder-

3. Grill-

4. Kickstand-

The CampMaid Multi-Tool is exactly that, a multi-tool. It can perform several functions as pictured below.

1. It can be used to lift the lid of your camp oven with the coals still on top, holding it securely and off the ground so the underside doesn’t get dirty.

2. When cooking is finished and you’ve lifted the lid off your camp oven with the multi-tool your camp oven can be placed on top for serving. The coals still on the top of the lid remain underneath keeping your camp oven warm as you serve. The multi-tool can be used with multiple sized camp ovens, simply move the legs in to allow the hooks to sit on the lid.

3. The multi-tool, when combined with the grill and the charcoal holder becomes a cooking device in itself. Flip the multi-tool upside down and attach the grill as you would a camp oven lid, the charcoal holder is spring loaded and is clamped on underneath. Notches in the hook that holds the grill in place allow the charcoal holder to be clamped anywhere along the hook to control heat settings below the grill for more accurate cooking.

4. Now, place a camp oven upside down on top of the grill and add our Heat Beads Smoking Wood Chips to the coals in the charcoal holder and you’ve got an efficient smoker.

5. Replace the grill with a camp oven lid with the charcoal holder underneath and you have a frying pan. Place a camp oven upside down ontop of the lid and you can bake a pizza on the lid. Much easier than baking the pizza in the base of the camp oven because getting the pizza out can be difficult.

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