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CAN Interface Module - Dual Output

Lazer CAN Interface module - dual output
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The Lazer CAN bus Interface provides an effective solution for detecting both High Beam and Side/Position Light activity, where it is not possible to detect a 12v signal at the back of the standard headlamps.

The interface, developed in partnership with UK manufacturer CanM8, can identify both High Beam and Side/Position Light outputs, making it the perfect solution for all Lazer E-mark approved LED spotlights. Each interface comes supplied with a dedicated wiring kit for simplified installation, as well as compatibility with our Contactless Reader which avoids the need for metal-to-metal connection to the vehicle's CAN-Hi and CAN-Lo wires.

The interface incorporates a multi-function miniature status LED, which indicates correct connection to the CAN system, CAN activity present and confirmation that the CAN identity has been recognised.

Purchase of the Lazer CAN bus Interface will permit access to vehicle specific installation guides, available to download from the CanM8 app - click here. From date of purchase the hardware can only be updated to latest firmware (to recognise all the latest vehicle data) for a period of 6 months.

Note - this product not to be confused with the CAN Duo Interface with High Beam and Speed Pulse outputs for use with Triple-R 1250 Smartview.

Product Features: 

  • CAN bus interface provides an effective solution for detecting vehicle lighting activity
  • High Beam and Side/Position Light outputs
  • Supplied with dedicated wiring kit
  • Vehicle specific install guides available via CanM8 app
  • Limited update period - 6 months from purchase.


NOTE: This module cannot be purchased on its own, it will only be shipped with a Lazer Lamps kit for a vehicle requiring CAN high beam pick up.

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