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Hook straps are a safety device used to hold the winch hook during use, reducing the risk of hands getting caught in the winch. Also makes for a great key-ring strap.
Keep all your recovery gear safe and secure in one place with a heavy duty Outback Armour recovery gear bag.
A recovery kit suited for those with an extra heavy truck, fully loaded vehicle over 5.0T (including trailers or caravans) or heavy American trucks such as F550’s and above.
This recovery blanket (damper) is designed to conform to competition specification for dimensions and weight.
Engineered to provide the highest strength, reliability & safety. The Outback Armour 10T WLL rated 4WD snatch block has been independently tested at over 15 tonnes and is rated by a factor of 1.5:1
Heavy duty 11t 9m Outback Armour Snatch Strap.
Spread the load across two recovery points with this 10t 3m long 4x4 offroad recovery equaliser strap.
10t rated heavy duty Outback Armour winch extension strap.
The must have recovery kit for vehicles fitted with a winch.
A basic recovery kit perfect for those with a small truck between 2 and 3T GVM.
This kit is perfect for those with a light truck such as a Landcruiser, Prado, Patrol, Pajero or heavy loaded utility.
This kit is perfect for those with a small truck between 2 and 3T GVM.
Showingof 24 item(s)