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Outback Armour 10T/3M Equaliser Strap

Spread the load across two recovery points with this 10t 3m long 4x4 offroad recovery equaliser strap.
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Outback Armour equaliser straps are designed and certified to 10 tonnes rated capacity for safety.

Features of this equaliser strap include: cordura shielded eyes, neoprene sleeves to protect the stitching from abrasion, protective centre sleeve for joining snatch straps and velcro keepers for tidy storage.

Equaliser straps spread the load between multiple recovery points and chassis rails to reduce the chance of chassis twist or other damage to your vehicle.

Equaliser straps are often specified as standard OHS equipment where possible for improved safety.

Specifications Details
Length: 3 meters
Strength: 10 tonne
Colour: campfire black
Material: polyester
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